How Overloaded County IT Organizations Can Address Traditional and New AI-Generated Cyber Threats

September 28th, 2023 | 1 PM Eastern Time 

County IT organizations are already overloaded dealing with cyber threats that could result in data breaches, loss of system access resulting in the unavailability of critical services, and more. New cyber threats generated by AI or chat add additional complexity on top of everything else. Celerium just completed a successful four-month pilot project with NACo that explored new ways of automatically defending counties against cyber threats. This webinar will provide important information to help counties understand the emerging threats they face and how to address them:

    • The evolution from traditional to new emerging threats.
    • How IT organizations can address or even reduce the average time to detect a data breach (IBM research found an average of 207 days (6.9 months) to detect a breach).
    • The need for county executive visibility into cyber compromise activity, which could result in a lack of trust with county residents as well as larger legal impacts

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