How to Put Out the Fire in Child Care Provider Burn Out

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 |1:00 - 2:00 PM ET 

In the U.S., seven in ten child care centers are severely impacted by staff shortages, resulting in their inability to fully enroll children. Administrative and teaching burnout is increasingly driving professionals out of the field, causing economic strain as parents struggle to secure reliable care. Wonderschool, the leading child care company, maintained open doors for 97% of child care programs on its platform during the pandemic, compared to 40% nationwide. Today, Wonderschool is actively investing in innovative county and state solutions to reduce burnout and turnover while fostering new growth and opportunity. During this webinar, Wonderschool will share how it's "putting out the fire" and assisting high-quality child care centers in staying open and enrolling children, enabling parents to confidently return to work with peace of mind. The webinar will also explore how new initiatives like those led by Wonderschool ultimately contribute to economic development, educational opportunity, and community infrastructure.

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