Get Out of Excel and Demystify Grant Administration Modernization

July 13th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM | Eastern Time 

It’s no secret that Excel spreadsheets, email trails, and hard copy printouts just don’t cut it for grants administration anymore. As the volume of federal and the complexity of managing federal fund evolves, it can seem almost just as daunting to move to a new grants management system. Where do you start? How does it affect current workflows and business processes? How will we train? Where do we begin standardizing and how much will all this cost? Join Guidehouse experts to discuss these questions and more. Attendees will learn what some of the top requirements counties should look for in systems, including the differences between enterprise versus single agency programs, key considerations for integrations. Additionally, you will walk away with a more thorough understanding of what resources you will need for this change and how to involve your subject matter experts for the best change management practices.


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